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Hello! I’m Brian, a professional voice-over artist who is here to help engage your audience with a sound that is smart, savvy, strong, and sincere.

Want to hear more? Additional audio and video samples are available on the demo page. 

This is the link to that demo page. 

Sure, I could have just written the word “DEMO PAGE” with a link, but that’s too boring. Boring is for other people. You and me? We’re on an adventure through cyberspace.

Providing your production with a voice requires more than speaking into microphones.

listen to what your needs are and partner with you to craft a voice-over​ that makes us both want to reach through our internet connection and bump fists.

That is – until we create our secret handshake.

Let’s Speak Together

To request a free no-obligation qoute or read, fill in your details below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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