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UFO Vs. Dinosaur

In mid-2019, armed with a few dozen fistfuls of plasticine and nearly 15 years of daydreaming, I created UFO Vs. Dinosaur. A stop motion animated short about, well, a UFO and a Dinosaur (and a very tiny mouse). Although I had never attempted anything like it, I was eager to get this idea out of my head, onto a screen, and in front of an audience. 

The short premiered in front of that audience for the first time at the 2019 Shorts In The Fall Film Festival at the world-famous Mahoning Drive-In Theater where it won the “Best Short, Short Film” award. Seeing it up on that massive drive-in screen with people was a dream come true. Soon after it was 2020 and we all know how that went.

In 2021, 🛸🆚🦕is beginning to search for audiences once again. It is a selection of the 2021 Southside Film Festival in Bethlehem, PA where it can be seen on June 16th – 20th as part of their animation block. For more information, check out the SSFF website at

Please check back in for more updates on the short and where you may be able to find it showing at a venue near you, or you can always reach out to me via my social channels and email that is posted all over this website.